The Huntington

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      With this swim piece you can experience the exclusive beach culture that Huntington Beach offers to its residents. This beach has a natural effect caused by the edge-diffraction of open ocean currents, which means the ocean swells you're gonna experience in this suit are gonna be totally rad! The Huntington comes painted in bright roaring red and most notably offers our overlapped lace design that has just the right amount of stretch.                                                                                                                                             
      Waist Size (in.):
      S: 28 - 32 in. , M: 30 - 34 in., L: 31 - 35 in. , XL: 33 - 37 in. , XXL: 35 - 39 in.
      Bust (in.):
      S: 28 - 31 in. , M: 29 - 33 in. , L: 31 - 85 in. , XL: 32 - 36 in. , XXL: 34 - 38 in.
      Bottoms Length (in.):
      S: 8.6 in., M: 9 in. , L: 9.4 in. , XL: 9.8 in. , XXL: 10.2 in.

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      The Animal Pack uses USPS, FedEx and ePacket for its U.S and internationally made products.


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       As of March 2018, we are proud to announce we are now working with 9 different artisans! Each artisan receives a different number of orders from us to create.

      Therefore, some may begin to create your order right after your payment has been processed.


      We try very hard to maintain working relationships with these artisans and therefore we cannot guarantee your cancellation request will be fulfilled. If your cancellation request is received to The Animal Pack within 24 hours we will try our very best to work with your request.


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      We provide a 100% lifetime warranty exchange guarantee. If at any time your garment is faulty, damaged or broken please reach out to us at for any and all requests and exchanges. 


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    • From every sale we currently donate 10% to marine life foundations. We currently are partnered with the Billion Baby Turtle Fund, a subsidiary of See Turtles. With every dollar we can save five turtle hatchlings through our partner turtle conservation organizations. Your support will help get hatchlings to the sea and provide income for rural communities around Latin America. 

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