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The Animal Pack Mentality:

The mentality of an animal pack is to work together at all costs towards a goal.

Be a part of the pack and help us reach OUR goal of donating $1,000 to animal research and welfare organizations chosen by YOU.

Who We Are:

Nature Inspired Apparel for Free-Spirited Individuals

At The Animal Pack, we provide apparel inspired from all of mother nature's seasons for free-spirited individuals. Our apparel is independent of trends and not constrained by convention.

Our apparel is one-of-a-kind and each product acts to empower our customers' own identities and ways of life. Our unparalleled quality apparel and accessories are crafted from the hands of artisans both regionally and internationally.

From every sale, we also currently donate $1 to the Billion Baby Turtle Fund, a subsidiary of See Turtles (www.seeturtles.org).

Our company is founded on the values of customer commitment, collaboration, and advancing marine and wildlife research. We are committed to providing the best user experience for customers both on our website as well as with all of our seasons product lines.

We also strive to partner and work in collaboration with many different artisans to diversify our stores inventory and to build relationships with new suppliers. By extending our reach to new artisans, we can offer a great range of quality goods, many handmade, and always in limited quantities.

Finally, we have agreed to donate $1 for every product sold to the SEE Turtles Billion Baby Turtles Initiative. This organization stands out amongst others because of its hands on work with both fundraisers and research expeditions in which we can all take part in. These values help us provide a collaborative atmosphere that gives attention to detail back to YOU in a safe and supportive environment.

We care deeply about our artisans and even more about our customer base. Let us grow together as a community!


Monthly Changes:

Every month, new apparel and accessories are added from our growing network of suppliers. 

The Animal Pack prides itself on being able to collaborate and establish working partnerships with merchants from across the globe. Our close relationship with artisans yields faster shipment times and helps to keep prices low for our growing customer base.

Your shipment time depends on whether you are purchasing a good from a U.S artisan or an artisan overseas. Most of our accessory products are handmade by different local artisans within the United States. There are also accessory and apparel items that ship from our artisans abroad. We do this to make sure every product is individualized and that our store is helping out business owners globally.

Each artisan takes between 1-3 days to create your accessory. After your item is crafte
d, shipments are placed via first class mail (1-3 days) for U.S made goods and e-packet  (9-12 days) for internationally made goods. There are very limited quantities to all items brought to our store. This means that you can feel satisfied knowing each item is a truly individualized piece and that our store is helping out small business owners simultaneously.

Our Mission To Give:

All consumer transactions are compiled and a wildlife foundation of the community's choosing will be donated to. The Animal Pack feels it is important for every customer to get a say in where their money will be rightfully placed.

We feel that by opening up our projects to our customer base, we can fund larger project efforts and create a tighter-knit community. All wildlife funds must meet section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS tax code. See what wildlife organizations have met our criteria by clicking here.

Have another foundation in mind for us to donate to?

We're happy to hear any and all requests at support@theanimalpack.com

Thanks for checking us out! 
The Animal Pack


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